Spring Rental Season: Transplanted: Refugee Portraits of New Zealand


Tracey Barnett


Alistair Guthrie


New Zealand Portrait Gallery - Main Gallery

Start date: 

28 October 2017

End date: 

5 November 2017

Hours of admission: 

10.30 - 4.30 daily

Cost of admission: 


These gorgeous two-metre tall black and white portraits by renowned photographer Alistair Guthrie and the curated public conversations by journalist Tracey Barnett that surround them honour the individuals behind the label of ‘refugee’. Guthrie’s three decades of lush portraiture work has captured New Zealand’s best and brightest, ranging from Helen Clark, Richie McCaw, and Lorde to Bill Gates and Steve Balmer, among many others. Here he turns his lens on some of our newest Kiwis, former refugees. Guthrie has been awarded the prestigous Brian Blake Memorial Prize and was recently given a fifty-page retrospective of his career in F11 photography magazine. Look for our published schedule of speakers and ‘Human Library’ sessions for what will become a ten-day ‘talking space’ around refugees issues in New Zealand and beyond. Watch for the speaker’s schedule at: https://wagepeacenz.org/transplanted-2/