Ian Mune

Ian Mune by Daniel Rose
Mune: Ian
Rose: Daniel
Black and white photograph
Gifted by the artist in 2014

“In the end, the important stories are told by people who have to tell them. If they don't have to, then maybe they shouldn't” claims Ian Mune, who is known to generations of New Zealanders as a central figure of the stage and screen in this country.

Ian Mune grew up in Tauranga, but started his professional acting career in Wellington with the fledgling Downstage Theatre. After two years in the UK with the Welsh Theatre Company, he returned to Auckland and a long association with the Mercury Theatre.

While he has always kept an association with theatre, Ian Mune was also there at the beginning of television drama in New Zealand, with leading roles in such programmes as Pukemanu and Moynihan.

His contribution to New Zealand screen history encompasses acting (Sleeping Dogs), directing (The End of the Golden Weather), writing (Goodbye Pork Pie) and adapting works originally written for another medium (The Silent One). In 1991 Ian Mune was awarded an OBE for services to theatre and film. In 2011 his autobiography Mune, was shortlisted in the NZ Post Book Awards.