Lucy in her Green Dress

Lucy in her Green Dress
Muggeridge: Lucy
Muggeridge: Marianne
Oil on canvas
1320 x 1200mm

Lucy Muggeridge

Lucy is the daughter of artist Marianne Muggeridge.

The portrait of Lucy in Her Green Dress went on to win the 2000 New Zealand Portrait Gallery Adam Portraiture Award.

“I have painted Lucy at least 7 times” Marrianne Muggeridge says. “Initially Lucy in Her Green Dress was to be Lucy, and her best friend at the time, Sarah.This was a continuation of a double portrait theme. However Lucy took the space over and all that remains of my initial intention is an overwhelmed outline of Sarah’s hoodie and shoulders. Lucy was 15 at the time and going through a very challenging period in her life. She made no attempt to look cheerful or pleased, she set herself to the task of sitting, for which she was paid the going rate at the time, and simply regards me, her mother. Her shoulders are marked on the wall behind her to keep the pose. Lucy sat for the entire painting; there were no photographs, which means that she held herself in that difficult position for long sessions. The dress was particularly challenging and the uninterrupted flow of paint and pattern attest to Lucy’s stamina in sitting. The flowers were given to me in appreciation for something now forgotten and I resisted the urge to paint them for 3 days before I succumbed to the colours.”

Marianne Muggeridge grew up on a dairy farm in South Taranaki. After specialising in life drawing and painting at Elam School of Fine Art, where she gained her BFA in 1973, she travelled around Europe and learnt etching at the Dove Centre in Somerset. On her return to New Zealand in 1979 she settled in Kapuni, Taranaki and learnt screen printing basics from Michael Smither. In 1983 she met the artist Roger Morris and their first daughter, Lucy, the subject of this portrait, was born. In 1988 and 1989 she received two Q.E.II Arts Council grants to further her painting. Her work has been exhibited in group shows at the Govett Brewster Gallery in New Plymouth(1992), Pataka in Porirua (1995) and a retrospective at Expressions Gallery in Upper Hutt (2004).

 In 2000 Marianne Muggeridge moved with her family to Wellington, and lived and worked from a studio in Willis Street. That year she won the New Zealand Portrait Gallery’s inaugural National (Adam) Portraiture Award with this portrait of Lucy in Her Green Dress, judged by Charles Samurez Smith, the Director of the National Portrait Gallery in London. The following year she was included in the TV series The Big Art Trip.  In 2002 she again won the Adam Portraiture Award – this time judged by the director of the Australian Portrait Gallery, Andrew Sayers. Her work is exhibited widely and is held in numerous private and public collections throughout New Zealand. Marianne Muggeridge is a full-time working artist whose creative impetus is to always work from life in a variety of media.