Artist Talk - Greg O’Brien


Greg O'Brien


New Zealand Portrait Gallery

Start date: 

3 August 2018

End date: 

3 August 2018

Hours of admission: 

6 - 7pm

Cost of admission: 


Part of the KM130 Festival

Wellington writer, artist, and curator Greg O’Brien spent much of 2002 living in Menton with his family.  While there, he contemplated Mansfield as the location represents the end of her career and is where she wrote many of her short stories.  It was also a place of warmth and beauty, which O’Brien captures in the many works he has made of Mansfield since that time.  O’Brien transports the viewer to Mansfield’s idyllic location in Kitchen (Menton) with Katherine Mansfield for instance by showcasing the vista out of the window at Mansfield’s Menton home, Isola Bella, the palm tree indicative of a temperate climate, and ripened pears ready to eat.  Above all else, O’Brien presents in all three works the magic of the Mediterranean, a nuance he further explored in his memoir of 2007, News of the Swimmer Reaches Shore.

Join us at the Gallery for drinks and nibbles while we listen to Greg O’Brien talk about his time in Menton, and the process of creation. Rumour has it he may bring Jenny Bornholdt along as well! A special treat for art and literature lovers.

This event is part of the KM 130 Festival celebrating Katherine Mansfield. For more events please click here.

Image:  Gregory O’Brien, Kitchen (Menton) with Katherine Mansfield (2010) 9/20, Etching, Private collection