Mansfield and the Modern Woman - A social history told through the lens of fashion.


Leimomi Oakes


New Zealand Portrait Gallery

Start date: 

7 October 2018

End date: 

7 October 2018

Hours of admission: 

1 - 2pm

Cost of admission: 


Katherine Mansfield was just 4 years old when New Zealand women gained the right to vote.  As part of the first generation of women to grow up with suffrage, her life and writings are a reflection of the many facets of womenhood that she observed in the late 19th and early 20th century, from the Victorian 'angel in the house' to the newly emerging 'modern woman'. 

Fashion historian Leimomi Oakes will use historical costumes inspired by Mansfield's writings & the New Zealand suffrage movement to explore the changing roles of women in this pivotal time period.

Part of the KM 130 Festival