Talk: Researching the Pacific in Pictures


Roger Swanson and Jenni Chrisstoffels


New Zealand Portrait Gallery Te Pukenga Whakaata

Start date: 

18 May 2019

End date: 

18 May 2019

Hours of admission: 

1 - 2 pm

Cost of admission: 


Researching your family history for ancestors who came from Pacific countries can be daunting. This talk looks at how using the Turnbull Library’s extensive Pacific collections can assist in this search. 

An illustrated talk by Roger Swanson (Research Librarian, Pacific, ALexander Turnbull Library) and Jenni Chrisstoffels (Pictorial Research Librarian ) about the photograph collections relating to the Pacific held at the Alexander Turnbull Library and how to access them. Highlighting the photographers that were active in the Pacific in the 19th and early 20th century the talk will also cover other resources for research family history in the Pacific. Unfortunately many of the photographs remain unidentified, so finding images of named ancestors is particularly difficult unless the photographs have been retained by the family itself.